Saturday, June 13, 2009


Well, Sid the Kid did it!

The dream every young Canadian boy has probably had at some time…… hoist that Stanley Cup above his head! It was a great game last night and I was surprised how emotional I got to see that cup being presented. They call it the prettiest cup in all professional sports. To me it signifies attaining a life long goal………and at the age of 21 Sidney Crosby reached his goal.

Crosby is the same age as my middle child Kaitlin. In fact, Kaitlin managed to finish her soccer game and watch the final minutes of the games with me. After the game she chatted with me about how busy she is going to be this summer. As well as playing soccer, she is taking her last class to graduate with a business degree from Brock University. She is starting a new job in the finance department at the board office. She will still be slinging beer at TGIF’s. The thing she is most excited about is she is back on the water this summer rowing.

Her goal is to win a Henley gold on the rowing course.

Sid attained his goal at 21.
Kaitlin is well on course (pardon the pun for those who know rowing) to attain her goal of winning Henley gold…at the age of 21.

I am 47……….I don’t even have a goal let alone on my way to attain it!

My goal for the week-end is to get the laundry finished.
My goal for the summer is to lose 15 pounds.

I need a SPECTACULAR goal.
A picture taking worthy goal.
A goal that involves hoisting something above my head.

Anyone out there in cyberspace have any suggestions on goal-setting?

Is this just a sudden mid-life crisis?

Can I suddenly start training to run a marathon?
Could I have anything interesting to say to write a book?

Who knew that watching some kid with a trophy over his head would cause me to think I have yet to achieve something big. The question is………….what is that something??????

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