Saturday, June 20, 2009

Fulfilling a Dream

Yesterday was “Battle of the Bands” at my school. The grade seven and eight kids form groups and have to rewrite a song with their own words and perform for the rest of the school. One group in particular displayed some great talent. One grade eight student picked up his guitar and played with such emotion and feeling it was amazing. Now this kid is one of those kids that drive you crazy because he is always questioning and rebelling etc etc but you just can’t help but really like him.

On our way up to the cottage last night I was reading the paper and came across an article about a group called “Alexisonfire.” Talk about an AHA moment! One of the guys in this group, Dallas Green, was in my class some time ago. I was his grade seven teacher as well as his vice-principal for two years. He was just like this kid with the guitar yesterday. Always questioning, rebelling but no matter how irritating he was, you couldn’t help but really like Dallas. He was always bringing his guitar to school and always talked either about his guitar or his skateboard. He was a brilliant student with good marks in spite of the fact he didn’t put in that much effort academically. I had a very serious conversation with him about how the guitar was a great hobby but he should concentrate on school because he could really go places.

Thank goodness Dallas didn’t listen to me.

Dallas has really gone places alright………with his guitar. He has travelled the world on tour with Alexisonfire as well as with his solo act City and Colour. He has won several Junos (Those are Canadian Grammy’s for you American readers.) He has really “made it” as a musician. He is even a heartthrob idol if you check out the internet.

So the moral of the story is……….follow your heart. I am going back to school on Monday and share my story and try to encourage this guitar player to stick with it and follow his dream.

Now if I can only take my own advice and follow my dream………
One small dream did get fulfilled today. I finally talked my husband into putting down new flooring in the cottage. I made a trip to the Minden Home Hardware and brought home some flooring samples. Not a big dream like winning a Juno, but a dream fulfilled nonetheless.
I will keep everyone posted as to our cottage renovations.....


Wendy said...

I love your blog, it's very inspring. I've tagged you to participate in the '8' meme - stop by my site to pick up the list and then tag 8 others... Thanks for being a "gr8" inspriataion!

Wendy said...

A meme is a concept, idea, cultural unit passed on from person to person; a blog meme is usually a list of questions you answer, it may have theme, and it also goes from person to person online. You learn alot about other people and other people get to learn about you. *tag*