Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hockey Night in Canada......and further south!

I am all set for tonight’s hockey game. This is game 6 of the final NHL series, back in Pittsburgh. The Penguins have to win tonight or the cup will be handed to the Red Wings again. Not that I care that much about the outcome, it’s just that I don’t think I can stand listening to dear son Greg going on and on all summer long about how great his Detroit team is.
A couple play-off series back I was cheering for the Washington Capitals. (Did I mention I always seem to go for the underdogs?) The reason really was because of the coach. Bruce Boudreau, Coach of the Washington team actually coached Greg when Greg was young. Bruce runs the Golden Horseshoe Hockey School each summer and Greg went about 4 summers in a row. Bruce, through his connections with the NHL and AHL always had professional players and professional referees come to the camp and it was a big thrill………for the parents. Greg enjoyed the ice time but the lunches are what he remembers best. Bruce, having kids of his own about the same age (they went to high school with my kids) knew it was all about the food. It wasn’t meeting Johnny Bower or having Don Koharski ref his game, it was having pizza and wings and a Big Mac Greg remembers!

Anyway…..all of this memory lane walking is because of something fascinating I discovered while watching Hockey Night in Canada before one of the Penguins/Capitals play-off games. Road hockey in front of the White House! I have even signed up for their messages on Yahoo! Each week a bunch of guys (no girls??) get together and play road hockey on a section of the street shut down to traffic in front of the White House. Yes, THAT White House. I think that is amazing. A Canadian pastime is now becoming something for all Americans to see! I am trying to convince Terry to make our summer vacation to Washington. Not to see the Smithsonian or anything like that but to play road hockey! The only thing missing is that no one needs to yell “CAR!” (I think only the Canadian readers out there will get that)

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