Friday, June 12, 2009

Game 7 ~ Stanley Cup Finals

In spite of what some of my blog readers may believe, I am really not THAT big of a hockey fan. I hardly even acknowledge the NHL season while they are playing their 80 regular season games. Being in close proximity to Toronto, I try to ignore the constant bombardment about the Toronto Maple Leafs . Usually about how bad they are. (They didn’t even make the playoffs this year) But, being a Canadian, there is no ignoring the game tonight………….Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final.

I always seem to cheer on the underdog team which means definitely I will be cheering for Pittsburgh Penguins. Team captain Sydney Crosby is sooooo close in attaining every boy’s childhood dream, and yet he is still just a kid himself……hence the moniker “Sid the Kid.”

It just seems odd to me after the regular season, 3 series wins so far in the play-offs, and 6 games already played in the final series, the cup will be awarded to the winner of one game. It makes for an exciting game for sure. I don’t know if I could even stand it if the game goes into over time. Not only would this mean the cup came down to one game, it would come down to the next goal……………just like those road hockey games that had to end because the street lights came on. But I am digressing to childhood memories…yet another post for another day.

So tonight, I will be an absorbed hockey fan, yelling at the TV set and listening intently to what Don Cherry has to say. (Don is definitely worth his own post, but for those of you non-Canadian types you really have to check out this amazing Canadian icon………seeing is believing)

Tomorrow I will have moved on to something else putting hockey aside until next play-off season.

Any suggestions out there for my NEXT temporary passion?

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