Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I just got home from another retirement party. This party was a large affair with lots of people representing 40+ years of education. I saw so many people I haven’t seen in years.

I also ran into several girlfriends. You know the ones. The kind that you don't see in months but once you do in 5 minutes or less you can catch up with each others’ lives and really mean it. The only thing is, with our jobs, our families and just life in general we never seem to have time to really enjoy each other’s company. So tonight we made plans to make plans.

So we have set a date to do lunch and bring our calendars. We have decided to spend a few days at the cottage. The cottage is cheap, available and best of all..................away from the real world.

There is nothing better than a girl’s trip to the cottage. Everyone always chips in with the food and clean-up so it is no work at all. And the entertainment is always looked after……..just talk!!

Just thinking of spending time at the cottage with my friends has buoyed my enthusiasm and anticipation for summer………..bring it on!!!!!

One little side bar………as always I felt I needed to add a picture to the post. What is with the notion that the loon has been replaced by the moose as the symbol of cottage life? When did this happen? Did I miss the vote?

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