Saturday, July 4, 2009

Technology at the Cottage

OK, so I am at the cottage where I am supposed to be getting away from city life and all of its evil influences like technology. I love it up here with the smell of the cedars and the panoramic view of the lake but I haven’t been able to get away from my daily internet habit.

Up here it is strictly dial-up. Sometime it takes 10 minutes to load a page……..I play a few games of solitaire in between pages. Through the dial up internet connection I keep up with my Facebook friends and the news of the day. Sarah Palin has decided to quite being governor of Alaska. (why do I care….but I do???) I have been invited to join the CFRB crew for lunch next week. Most importantly I found a kindergarten teacher so all of my work related jobs are now over!

On Facebook today I announced to everyone I finally have the Bunkie transformed from winter storage shed to royal guest palace and invited all of my Facebook friends to come to the cottage. I am crazy????

Yes, internet connections are important in cottage country. But just don’t tell anyone. I have kept it my secret……until now……I can choose to respond to emails or not. No one expects you to be on line up at the cottage so the instant responses accepted in the city aren’t required. I have the best of both worlds…….I can choose if I want to be on line or not.

But I do have to admit the whole dial up thing is taking a toll on me. One can only play so many games of solitaire a day. I have been listening to the radio (The Moose) and they are advertising Bell internet for $17.00 a month. I think is it high speed. Anyone out there know anything about it? At the Cottage Life show this spring, Terry and I went to a booth where it was promoting “the Rocket” from Rogers where we could bring high speed with us. The cute city guy had never even heard of Haliburton so he couldn’t tell us if it worked up here or not.

As I look out the window at the beautiful scenery I can’t believe I am pondering dial-up vs. high-speed. It shouldn’t matter up here in cottage country……………did I mention it is only 8 degrees today????? (That’s Celcius by the way……….I don’t want to alarm Ed in Texas..or in St. Louis) Where is the warm July weather?

Happy 4th of July to my American readers……………there are fireworks in Dorset tonight!! Not sure why…….is this paying homage to American tourists or leftovers from our Canada Day celebrations?

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Jenn Jilks said...

We have Bell High Speed. We had xplornet (sic) satellite and it was undependable and pretty slow. None of my teacher friends could spell my e-mail address.

Satellite access is iffy, as is some phone service. The rock bounce the signals up and away.

The fireworks are just a double event, methinks! Things were pretty quiet on July 1st. They were saving up for the w/e.

Hope that helps!