Friday, July 10, 2009

A Baby is Born

I spent four hours at the hospital yesterday. It was fabulous. It was four hours in the waiting room with three soon-to-be great grandmas and my daughter in her role as a very caring friend.

My daughter Kaitlin made a new friend in grade three when by coincidence a family from the school I was vice-principal moved to the school my kids were attending. I knew Amber was going to be in Kaitlin’s class and from the very beginning I watched their friendship bloom.

Fate has played a large part in their friendship. Amber’s family moved again a few years later to a neighbourhood part of the school district where we moved when we finally bought the house of our dreams, which by another coincidence was across the street from Amber’s grandparent’s house.

Kaitlin and Amber then went on to the same high school, rowed on the same crew and continued to be best friends through all of the trials and tribulations of the pre-teen, tween and teenage years. Amber even lived with us for a few months when her Mom remarried and moved out of town. Amber eventually found another place to live but I never felt she had found her place in the world.

Kaitlin and Amber have always had different goals in life. Kaitlin was the competitive one, wanting to always win the soccer game or the medal at the regatta. Amber’s goal was to be accepted as part of the team. After high school Kaitlin went to university for a business degree while Amber was satisfied with low paying jobs to pay the rent from place to place. Regardless of the disparity of their life goals, the friendship stuck like glue.

There was the challenge nine months ago when Amber discovered she was pregnant. Kaitlin was horrified thinking this was a major hurdle in life plans. Amber after much contemplation was ecstatic.

We have watched Amber’s belly grow these last months. We have also watched Amber’s support network grow. Amber’s boyfriend has really lived up to expectations. A once iffy relationship has stabilized as the baby grew. Amber’s relationship with her family has become stronger as well.

While waiting those hours yesterday with Amber’s grandmothers and grandmother in-law I could see how a little unborn baby can bring so many people together. Grandmothers who did not agree when their own children wed, a mother who left for her own delayed happiness, new people who nine months ago did not even know Amber, they have all come together because of a new baby boy named Avery.

It was not an easy delivery. Days of contractions, 24 hours in the labour room, a forceps delivery, yet Baby Avery is the most precious and perfect package of baby ever.

The name has an interesting story. Amber and boyfriend Alex wanted their baby to have an “A” name like Mom and Dad. Alex’s favourite hockey player is Sean Avery so it just seemed right for the baby to be Avery.

Every Canadian name must have a hockey connection. Once home from the hospital I called my parents to tell them the news. They have always taken a special interest in Amber because her family was not as secure as she deserved. Another coincidence…..Sean Avery, yes that one, the NHL player, had just called and left a message on my parent’s answering machine. Sean Avery was once a player for the Owen Sound Platers (now the Attack) which my Dad was a partial owner. My dad was one of a few that actually liked Sean and he happened to be in town and called to say hello on the day baby Avery was born. My dad was about to return his call when I had called. So I asked my Dad to tell Sean Avery, a new baby was born today with his name.

Coincidence? I think not……there is a special reason Amber and her new baby have come into our lives.

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Jenn Jilks said...

Beautiful post.

I have found such joy in watching my (30-yr.old) daughter and her friends as they have dated, become engaged, married, created homes, and then shared the joys and tribulations of being pregnant and raising children.

I am so delighted with our grandbaby. (Tired!) but delighted. And they come back to My Muskoka in August for TWO WHOLE WEEKS!

You might be interested in my reflections and musing post on adoption! That, too, is sweet.