Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Years!

To most people today, July 1st, is Canada Day, a celebration of our country’s birth. To me, it is more like New Year’s.

July 1st is the day after my birthday and marks my official beginning of summer. June is a crazy time with all of the tasks and celebrations involved as the school year winds down. I usually have no down time and am stressed to the max in order to meet all of the deadlines and to go to all of the retirement and year-parties. I don’t mean there are not fun parts of June, but much like the Christmas holidays, I am so busy by the time July first comes around I am physically exhausted.

Also, the month of June represented the return of terrible eating habits and too much drinking. Last night, to celebrate my birthday I went to a Blue Rodeo concert with some girl friends. It was great fun. There is something about doing something slightly illegal to make you feel young again. We snuck our mickies of rye into the stadium hidden in our purses. We enjoyed cheap drinks, a free concert and millions of laughs. We stayed over night in a near by hotel and gabbed into the wee hours of the morning. My friend Diane dropped me at home about noon today just in time for my daughter Kaitlin to pick me up and take me out for a birthday lunch.

√ School year over
√ Retirement Celebrations over
√ Birthday celebrations over

It is time to get back to reality, back into control.
No more over eating, over drinking and under exercising (actually NO exercising is more like it)
To really make me feel guilty, I just received an email from one of my blog subscribers asking me how my 5 K training was going. OK, Jennifer A. Jilks……….it is NOT going!! But, like I said earlier, to me July 1st is like New Years. I have the summer to start fresh again and give up the bad habits and work on new healthy lifestyle.

So, tomorrow my son Greg is picking me and driving me to the cottage where I will be reunited with my husband and my dog Journey. No more excuses. I am back on track. I am motivated. I can do it! Tomorrow I am a new woman!

Thanks Jennifer A. Jilks for keeping me honest.


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