Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Is Summer Half-Over, or Just Half-Started?

It has now officially half way through summer vacation. Part of me feels like I haven’t accomplished anything yet. I decided to make a list of the things I have accomplished so I feel better about all of the sleeping in, lounging, cross-word puzzles etc.

What I Have Done So Far This Summer:
-Breakfast with the girls
-Lunch with the girls (Twice)
-Dinner with the girls
(These are different sets of girls)
-Researched a new granite counter for the kitchen
-Arrangements made for installation of new counter!!
-Nagged Terry to lay new flooring at the cottage (Thanks Terry, it looks fabulous!)
-New windows installed in the cottage (Thanks Billy, Terry and Jill)
-Bunkie cleaned out
-Sheets and towels all freshly laundered for Bunkie ready for guests
-Celebrated the arrival of baby Avery (my daughter’s best friend’s baby)
-Researched new flooring for condo
-Arrangements made for installation of cork flooring and carpet for bedroom
-Bought a new tap for kitchen
-Bought a new sink for kitchen (It’s amazing how these things snowball)
-Visited my daughter in Kingston (with my mom and niece)
-Got my new driver license and picture
-Got my new health card and picture
-Planted new garden at the cottage
-Sent in a query to Cottage Life Magazine
-Bought tickets for the theatre (my friend is in the cast)

I am going shopping this week-end in Grove City PA. This will be my first retail experience of an entire long week-end shopping with the girls. I think I should have started training months ago…..I’m not really much of a shopper.

No wonder I don’t feel rested! July has been a month of accomplishments after all. My August is filled up with guests at the cottage, the renovations being completed at the condo, a three-day conference in Toronto and of course sooner or later I do have to plan for my return to school.

Today is the day I DO NOTHING…….and try not to feel guilty about it.

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