Sunday, July 5, 2009

Celebration of the Laying of the Floor!

I forgot to let everyone know, Terry did come through with my requested birthday gift…. new flooring in the cottage. It is beautiful. No more ugly orange spongy carpet. I can’t believe we waited so long to get rid of it. The floor looks great, feels great and most importantly can be Swiffered in minutes! (I just wish Terry's back felt as great......thanks honey!)

I should do a Swiffer commercial. To celebrate the laying of our new floor I headed into Huntsville and purchased a Swiffer vacuum. I had to wait 16 hours in order to fully charge the battery so I had to wait overnight. I couldn’t wait to wake up and try out my new Swiffer on my new floor! Yes! Truly, in minutes I picked up all the gritty stuff that mysteriously gets dragged into the cottage and I was done! No more dragging out an ancient Hoover that no matter how hard I tried, was never able to vacuum up the colour orange.

Terry and I are back in the city now. It’s Sunday night and we are back to reality. Terry has to work tomorrow. As soon as we got home we started the laundry and checked the telephone messages. After Terry being at the cottage for ten days there were lots of people waiting for him to return their calls and fix their computers. His days and nights this week are booked.

As for me…… is Sunday night and no work tomorrow…….yippee! There is nothing better than a Sunday night in the summer time. Too bad I am not up at the cottage but we will return soon enough. I am meeting with lots of groups of friends this week and taking my calendar with me to book everyone’s time at the cottage. Even when I am not at the cottage, this cottage living is taking up a lot of my time!! YEAH!

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