Monday, July 20, 2009

Please Be Patient!

I think I am starting to understand when retired people say they don’t know how they had time to work pre-retirement. I have been on vacation for about three weeks and I am exhausted!

I haven’t had much to time to blog with all of the tasks between finishing up work, the renovations at the condo, the rest, work and hosting duties at the cottage.

It still feels great though to go to bed every night, especially Sundays, and not set the alarm. While I have been very busy, I still wake up when I feet rested……except for the last few days …..that’s another story. I have so much to tell and so little time to blog about it. I hope everyone out there in blog land will have patience and wait for me to tell my tales.

Please hang in there and I will tell all about my busy week at home and cottage.

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