Friday, March 5, 2010

Pet Sitting

The kids have all moved out and got themselves pets. Jennifer has a cat named Sidney and Greg just got a new puppy named Tyson. Kaitlin could not be left out of the picture so she got a pet as well, a fish named “Fishy.” I don’t think Kaitlin’s business degree taught her much creativity.

Kaitlin went to the Dominican last week. She was afraid her roommate might not look after Fishy properly so she hired Terry and me as fish-sitters. She carefully explained to me the importance of feeding him each day and night with only 4 granules of fish food. She told me the fishbowl was freshly cleaned so it wasn’t necessary to be cleaned again until she returned. Unfortunately Terry wasn’t home when she left the directions about the feeding and care of Fishy.

The second day we had Fishy Terry decided to feed him. He put in about 4 pinches of fish food which equalled about 40 times what he was supposed to get. By the time Terry got home from work that day, the bowl was filled with cloudy water and Fishy was not moving at all. Terry decided to rectify the situation by cleaning the bowl and starting over. Terry somehow got Fishy out of the bowl and put him in a cup. He emptied the water, washed the bowl sparkly clean and re-filled it with fresh water. Terry realized the cold tap water might be a bit of a jolt for Fishy so he was even kind enough to wait a few hours until the water reached room temperature. Then the fun began.

Terry was working without a net.

Terry tried to fish Fishy out of the glass with his bare hands. Fishy was startled and jumped out of Terry’s hands and wriggled all over the floor. After a few minutes of flopping around, Terry was able to finally catch Fishy and return him safe and sound to his bowl. While everything turned out OK, there was a few frightening moments, although I am not sure who was more afraid, the fish or Terry.

Kaitlin returned a few days later and was pleasantly surprised Fishy was still swimming around. I don’t think she had much faith in our fish-sitting abilities as she still remembers the last time Terry babysat a pet. There was the time Terry tried to give Jen’s hamster CPR. But that is a story for another post.


Terry Tromanhauser said...

Hey now....I'm Ok with dogs, just not much good with cats, hamsters and fishes. Anyways the hamster was not my fault....I was rebuilding the deck, when Jen asked if she could leave it in the backyard to roll around inside the ball......I Guess!!!! was my response, and she quickly left....back to work. 15 minutes later I looked for the hamster, and it was at the bottom of the pool....yes, still in the ball.....I fished it out and pushed on it's chest to see if there was still any life left.....NOPE!!!!, But I did save the fish after he fell on the floor.....I believe it is still alive.

Kaitlin said...

yes fishy is alive and well!!