Thursday, March 18, 2010

It's A Small World After All

The other night Terry and I went to a birthday party for someone turning 30! Initially I was a little reluctant to go as the last time we hung out with this crowd I didn’t think I kept up. After awhile there was only so much I could contribute to any conversation as they all work together, they are single, no kids and did I mention in their 20’s? (Just for the record I haven’t seen 20 in 25 years......OK its 28 years)

Something happened since I last saw this gang. They went from 20 something to 30ish. They are all now married with kids, and more on the way. I should have clued in things had changed by the time and location of the party. It started at 4:30 at Boston Pizza in the Falls. This is the BP with the bowling alley and tons of video games etc. Upon our arrival I quickly realized this was not going to be a party where I can’t keep up with the drinking, it’s going to be where I can’t keep up with the little kids in attendance! The party didn’t last long as the toddlers got tired and had to get home for bedtime. While earlier I was nervous I couldn’t make it through the party it turned out Terry and I were the last to leave!

While the young moms and dads were starting to pack up a woman Terry works with arrived with her new fiancĂ©. Well, he wasn’t exactly new. The story is they dated for a few years as teen-agers and went on their separate life paths. As they became single once again, now in their 50’s, they have reconnected and are planning to get married! It was such a sweet tale.

As I asked millions of questions, which I am told is what I do, I discovered her fiancĂ© and I were from the same hometown! Yes, we both grew up in Owen Sound, went to the same high school, were taught by the same teachers. Denis is a few years older then me but knew all of the older brothers and sisters of the kids I hung out with as a teen-ager. Names and places I hadn’t heard or thought of in decades came rushing through our memories. We had a great time connecting and remembering similar stories of our youth.

What a small world!

So while I thought I was spending the evening with a bunch of “young kids” I ended up reminiscing about my life when I was even younger.

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