Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Out House Renovation

As part of our annual girls’ week-end at Saskatchewan Lake, it became tradition to present me with hostess gifts. I did appreciate the gesture of a good guest but felt it was unnecessary for any more scented candles and other girly things at the cottage. After much discussion around the camp fire it was decided for the next girls’ week-end, instead of traditional hostess gifts, each guest would bring an item more appropriate for the cottage – specifically the outhouse.

The next summer guests arrived with their contribution. Unbeknownst to me, they had secretly decided upon a decorating theme, sunflowers. Before I knew it my sister-in-law Jenny was cutting through the outhouse wall creating a new window and my mother-in-law was on the roof tearing off shingles older than her. The outhouse redecorating project had become a full-fledged renovation! This was not a week-end of pampered woman indulging themselves; it was liberated women using power tools.

Suddenly the modern women image evaporated when everyone began screaming all at once. With the removal of the final ancient shingle, mice had appeared! Small innocent rodents were able to send six strong women off running in different directions.

Once we regained our composure we were able to finish the project. Our outhouse now has a new leaf-proof roof, a window to provide ventilation and much to Terry's chagrin, lots of sunflower paraphernalia.

While we were proud of our accomplishment, our subsequent girls week-ends have returned to the previous agenda, which does not included power tools.


Ed said...

Sounds pretty cool, but is it really an outhouse? As in privy in the woods? Or is that a uniquely American expression?

I'm also wondering if your "previous agenda" involved copious amounts of alcohol. That's the way to spend a weekend at the lake!

SUSAN said...

Hey Ed:

glad to hear from you. You have been very quite of late.

Yes, by outhouse we do mean a "privy in the woods". We do have indoor plumbing at the cottage, but the original outhouse is still there and we use it if there is an "overflow" need....

Yes, our agenda usually does involve alcohol of some brand...we are Canadian,eh?