Thursday, March 11, 2010

Jennifer and the Jessicas Follow Up

As I mentioned a few posts ago, Jennifer and the Jessicas spent a few days of their Reading Week here in Port Dalhousie. We live in a condo right on Main Street, a very brief walk from all the action …… the summer. During the warm months Port is the place to be for all of the university aged kids. There is a small strip of bars where all of the kids hang out which includes “My Cottage”, an indoor-outdoor bar which holds up to 2000+ kids doing whatever kids do at that age…..I’m not sure if I really don’t remember, or I am desperately trying not to remember because my kids are now that age.

Anyway……..the point is Port Dalhousie is a fabulous place for young people to hang out in the summer. Reading week is not summer.

Jennifer and the Jessicas arrived on a Sunday evening in time for me to prepare a roast beef dinner. I was trying very hard to be a Beaver Cleaver mother but I am sure I didn’t fool anyone. Fortunately someone gave us the game Cranium as a Christmas gift and the girls kept themselves busy while drinking Pepsis and red wine. The girls then took off to do a tour of the Falls. Living so close to Niagara Falls we often forget it truly is one of the Wonders of the World. February in the dark is probably not the best time to view the Falls. The girls had a good time however doing the touristy “Clifton Hill” thing and I have to admit I enjoyed the pics of their visit to Madame Tussade’s wax museum. They got there near closing time on Sunday night and were the only ones in the place so they got to pose in various positions with the waxed celebrities.

I believe it was after the museum visit they did the famed visit to Boston Pizza. All I know I woke up in the morning and the fridge was totally empty except for beautifully packaged left over meals from Boston Pizza. Having no prepared breakfast, no lunch to take to work, I pried open one of the packages and found these little morsels of food. I swear I only took two little bites…it was quite good for left-overs. But I realized it was not my food so I only took TWO bites, assuming it hadn’t been counted and weighed. I was wrong.

When I arrived home from work I was sharply accused of eating HALF of the meal. I did NOT eat HALF of the meal……..I wanted to, but I didn’t. So until this day I have ignored the question about the mysterious disappearance of Jessica’s food. (I don’t know which one of the Jessica was missing their food, I just know according to Jennifer it was the crime of the century)

So instead of Jennifer and the Jessicas having a nice visit drinking red wine playing Cranium, touring St. Catharines, Niagara Falls, Kilt and Clover and the Chili Pepper, shopping trip to the States, and all they can remember is that some of their left overs got eaten……hmmmmm….….why is everything always blamed on the mother??

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Anonymous said...

haha no hard feelings, really. all poor students have to account for all their food lol it comes from living in res and big houses. but we really did have a great time visiting!