Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Olympic Withdrawal Pains

I am going through Olympic withdrawal.

Yesterday once again I rushed home to turn on the TV only to remember there was no Olympic coverage. I miss it.

I still vividly remember the rush of the hockey game Sunday afternoon. Canada had been on a gold medal rampage and we needed one more gold to create a new record for the most records won by any nation in the Winter Olympics. We also had to win the game not just for the gold medal, but for our nation’s pride. We had to beat those Americans at our game!!!

I have to admit it was close. Too close for my comfort. The tying goal in the dying seconds of the game was a definite let down but it had to be. The hockey gods made it happen in order to allow Sid the Kid to become he next Canadian hero. His winning over-time goal is now the most historic goal of all time. Move over Paul Henderson.

The closing ceremonies were great……better than the opening ceremonies. My favourite was the revue style show led by the one and only Michael Buble. There was every Canadian stereotype imaginable. (I hope Americans did get the joke) The flying moose, dancing lumberjacks, the beavers and even the mounties made BC Place look like a giant gift shop on Clifton Hill (Niagara Falls). I laughed so hard when I saw everyone in the audience wearing their own personal moose antlers. Only in Canada, eh?

Neil Young sang as the Olympic flame slowly dimmed. Then the party got started!

Nickelback, Avril Lavigne, Alannis Morrisette, Simple Plan, Hedley, k-os, (yes, we do have black people in Canada). http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1254585/Winter-Olympics-2010-closing-ceremony-Michael-J-Fox-helps-mark-end-Games.html#ixzz0h4khFs4M I quickly turned to NBC to get their reaction…..but no, they had cut out of the most glorious moment of the evening for…..wait for it……..”The Marriage Ref”. What the …….????????

I did get good news today. My new best friend in Vancouver, Josh Rimer was able to reconnect the camcorder he found to its rightful owner. Bill from Seattle was so thrilled to get his camcorder back because it had the last footage of his father who recently passed away. Bill was so grateful he told Josh to keep the camera! An affirmation for my belief……what goes around, comes around!!! Do unto others…. http://www.joshrimer.com/using-youtube-to-find-the-owner-of-a-lost-camcorder/

Help me recover from my Olympicitis.

Any ideas what to do with all my time now that the Olympics are over?


Anonymous said...

Should have had Drake and George Reefah from Toronto. Both are getting major attention globally and are relevant.

Anonymous said...

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