Saturday, March 27, 2010

80's Video Tribute

Thank you Reactive Candy for putting this great video on facebook! It was a 10 minute flashback of my life. As the video started, with each snippet of song I was transported back to some place in my past. Each song reminded me of some part of my youth. The memories are very specific about a certain party, a particular person, a perfect moment in time.

Until 1986.

I remember all of the songs but after 1986 I don't have a memory of an event to match up. 1986 was also the year when I became a mother. Is there a correlation?

Was motherhood the cause of this stoppage of song-related memories? Too busy with children to have a social life? I really do believe pregnancy zaps your memory (otherwise who would have more than one child?) Was I just growing up and my interests changed from music to other more cerebral things? What is the explanation?

Maybe the music in the late 80's was just too bad to enjoy with a memorable event. Whose idea was the whole big hair thing?

wake me up before you go go......

Let me know your thoughts of this video...thanks Candy!

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