Thursday, October 8, 2009

This Job Never Ends

For those who didn’t get the memo, my husband and I are empty-nesters. That means after 20+ years of raising three children we have pushed them out of the nest and we are finally on our own. Two out of three of our children are living on their own nearby….in the town next door. Thorold is a small city where 20-somethings can actually afford to live. Our youngest however is away at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. It is a very prestigious school, and I am very proud to say my daughter goes there.

As mentioned earlier, it is Thanksgiving this week-end. One tradition of Thanksgiving is that it is the first week-end of the academic year when university students return home to reconnect with their parents.

As pre-arranged through Facebook, I picked up Jen at the bus station right after work tonight. She immediately jumped in the car and after a quick “Hi!” informed me someone had stolen her iphone. Her iphone is her only form of communication with the outside world and is her lifeline. After a few minutes of rambling, I realized it wasn’t stolen; Jen had left the phone in the cab on the way to the bus station in Kingston. It reminded me of the primary kids at school who say someone stole their pencil when in fact the missing item is on the floor under their desk.

Regardless of the reason why, the iphone is now gone and suddenly, as the mother, I am stressed about how to solve this problem.

Gee…..two months since I have seen Jen……a six hour bus ride to get here…..30 seconds before I am back in Mother role…..wish me well this week-end.


Ed @ said...

Oh yeah. Been there; done that. Was it insured? Have you tried calling the number to see who answers? Of course you have. We had a phone stolen in the Netherlands a few years ago. And I later thought that one of mine was gone. It was found by the Queen (my wife) after it went through the wash. At least it wasn't my iPhone!

Under-Employed Girl said...

I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for your email about my blog: toomuchtimeonmy hands. I have written a few posts but my laptop is history and I've been volunteering alot so I haven't had an opportunity to post them.

I am so excited that I still have any readers at all that I promise I'll get on it and get some things up soon. Don't stop checking I appreciate your message so much!

Thanks again for being a reader!