Sunday, October 25, 2009

Life's Questions

1. With all of the channels we get now, why is there never anything good on TV?

2. Why IS the grass green over there?

3. Why does time fly when you are having fun?

4. Why do my daughters say I sound like grandma even though when I was fifteen I vowed I never would?

5. Why are the attributes I was most attracted to when I first met my husband the most annoying ones now?

6. Why are we so kind and patient to strangers but the people we love the most – not so much?

7. If the seasons are all about the same number of weeks, why does winter seem so long?

8. Will I get arrested if I take that itchy tag off of my pillow?

9. Is there a gene we get at birth determining if we are a cat or a dog person?

10. When you are doing the laundry, where DO all of those socks go?

Anyone out there have any insights to some of these questions? Any questions you are currently pondering?


Jennifer Jagersky said...

1. Society has changed and it take much more to capture our attention than it use to.
2. They water their grass, you are too busy.
3. Time flies because one is not focused on time when having fun.
4. You do sound like Grandma. But that can be a good thing.
5. He tries to annoy you now. Also you were much busier dealing with your children that you did not spend as much one on one time with each other.
6. We want new people to like us and think we are kind. The people we love already know who we are.
7. Winter is so long because it is cold (that was lame but the only thing i could think of).
8. No. Please do it.
9. No, I am both. You are just too mean to my cat. At Christmas you should try and get to know Sydney.
10. When you find out let me know, because I need new socks.

Kendall said...

1. There was nothing good on before!!! We just accepted watching The Beachcombers.

2. Illegal fertilizer. At least you won't do 10 to 20 for having a green lawn.

3. It goes fast because we're not paying attention to the time!

4. I do too!!! I worry like my mom. I can't help it...I just do!

5. SAME HERE!!! The qualities that I love about my hubby such as family committment are the same things that drive me crazy! Family committment drives me crazy because it applies to HIS family and they can certainly get under my skin.

6. I don't really like strangers, another thing I learned from my mother.

7. I don't believe that winter is the same amount of time as summer.

8. I'm calling the police right now.

9. I must have the dog gene.

10. The socks thing drives me crazy but also makes me laugh because the disappearing socks are always my husband's!