Friday, October 23, 2009

Computer Addiction?????

In the last several posts I have been reminiscing about days gone past. I don’t believe they were necessarily the “good old days,” just different days. The last 24 hours has emphasized to me just how different they are.

My computer crashed.

For a 24-hour period, I didn’t have access to my lap top. No checking email randomly, no facebook, no googling. I had to resort to using pen and the newspaper to complete my daily crossword and Soduko.
After re-reading this paragraph I just realized how pathetic my life sounds.....I really don't think my life is that it???

When I was in university the common theme throughout many of my courses was we were on a new path. Computers were on their way in and they were going to change the world. Recreation and Leisure were the new courses to take because there was going to be lots of leisure time in our future thanks to computers doing our work. A 40 hour work week was going to be gone, replaced with lots of time off and no mundane tasks.
Computers during my university days were monstrous things, filling rooms. In one course we had to complete “Fortran” cards for an assignment. Each punch card represented one command for the computer. If one keystroke was wrong, the whole thing wouldn’t work. I still typed my essays on a typewriter. If you made a typo the best thing you could do was use “white-out” (White out was invented by the mother of the one of the Monkees but I digress….) My daughters could not imagine completing a university course without a computer. Wikipedia is step number one in research. They don’t even have to enter the library doors.

Going back to my 24 hour computer free dilemma…..

I realized how addicted I truly am to the computer. I was going crazy because I couldn’t immediately google something that came to my mind.

This morning I got up early to take my computer to the school board techie place. Within 20 minutes my hard drive was replaced and I was up and running like new.
I am back in business… world is under control once again. Yes, I can transfer the money Jennifer is waiting for.......

Is this computer thing truly an addiction or am I just part of the new world?


Ed said...

Ha! Your life sounds like mine, except that our techie people would never be allowed to fix a personal computer. Well, maybe yours was an "official" computer anyway. Yes, I remember those computers as big as a house and not having the computing power that a laptop has today. I remember sitting in a graduate class in a computer lab in St. Louis, MO, and playing tic-tac-toe with a computer 100 miles away at the University of Missouri in Columbia. I thought that was a marvel. Little did we know! And I also know about transferring money to the kids via computer. At least my older daughter was just old enough to have not had that option. We used an ATM for her.

Anonymous said...

I could live without a computer for awhile, however I would not to test that theory!

Jenn Jilks said...

It is an important tool for many reasons: networking, social contacts, musing, sharing ideas and opinions, keeping in touch with far off family members, sharing photos and meeting like-minded folks! In the 'good old old days' we could not do that. I spent a fortune printing photos for my mom to see. I remember sitting with her and showing her the ones on my computer. I take my laptop in to my friend in LTC who is paraplegic. We have so much fun!