Monday, February 1, 2010

Am I Crazy???

On the week-end I was checking my regular sites on the internet when I discovered I could not access one of my favourite blogs. The site suddenly, inexplicably had password protection! Why did she ban me? Did I leave one too many comments and now she thinks I am a stalker? Did I say something to offend? A woman I have never met and never plan to meet blocked me from her site. What did I do? What could I have done to prevent this? I took this very personally

I blame Terry for me over reacting to this situation. (I have to blame someone….isn’t that why people get married?)

This week-end Terry went away ice fishing with a bunch of guys for the first time. This left me with way too much time on my hands. They drove five hours north, to spend a lot of money to live in a plywood shack on top of the ice. I suggested the guys just rent a room at the Holiday Inn up the street. It would be cheaper, warmer and they wouldn’t have to drive so far to drink lots of beer and tell lies to each other. Also, if they really had to they could stop at the Superstore and buy some fish on the way home.

With Terry away it gave me lots of time to dwell on the fact I could no longer access one of the usual sites I visit each day. My internet routine was totally ruined. I kept checking back onto the site over and over again and each time the computer told me I was “unauthorized.” How could this be?

As it happens, I have connected with the blog writer’s father through the internet as well. I know, it sounds creepy when I say “I met this guy on the internet,” but through one blog, I discovered another and I think Ed and I have developed a friendship, albeit a very distant one as he lives in Germany. We are both educators and parents and we have that in common to comment back and forth a few times a month. No, relax; I am not heading off to Germany any time soon.

I lamented to Ed about not having access to his daughter’s site. Today I came home from work and found an email from Ed. He was gracious enough to supply me with the information I needed and I logged onto my beloved site right away. Can you believe it? There is someone out there saying nasty things about the blog writer and she decided to keep her personal site a little more personal. It had nothing to do with me!!

Suddenly I realized I was being ridiculously paranoid. In fact, as I re-read my own writing today I am tempted to put my own password protection on so people don’t realize how crazy I really am. But then I realize the people that really know me, already recognize I am crazy!


Jenn Jilks said...

You HAVE to be crazy to teach, you have to be insane to be a principal!

I took the Principal's course and burned out before I went any farther, so I can truthfully say I am just crazy! :-)

Terry Tromanhauser said...

Awww Sue, yes you are crazy, but in a good way....

Retired-Ed said...

Being crazy is a prerequisite for being a principal, so you must be crazy. I'm so glad to be out of the rat race. Teaching and principaling (is there such a word?) would be great jobs if it weren't for the parents. And that's only some of them. You know the ones that I mean. The ones who hated school when they were students and take out their repressed frustrations on their children's teachers and principals.

City Wendy said...

You're sweet, Sue. Thanks for making me smile.