Sunday, February 7, 2010

Hillcrest Terrace

Greg is our oldest child, our only son.

He just moved into his own apartment as of January 1st. As with all real estate Greg learned the importance of location, location, location…..his place is located directly across from the Beer Store and a ten minute walk from the bars downtown. His place even has a beautiful terrace.

The first week of living there on his own, Greg invited us over for supper. I arrived not really knowing what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised. He gave us a quick tour of the place. It was quick because the place is only about 850 square feet, but just perfect for Greg. I was so proud of Greg when I went into the bathroom. Not only did he actually have a shower curtain, he had gone out and purchased matching towels, bath mat and bathroomy things. It actually looked great!

Greg had gone on Kajiji and managed to purchase a number of used items relatively cheap such as an oak dining room table and six matching chairs (perfect for poker Greg said). He also got a love seat from our upstairs neighbours (free to a good home). A new microwave from Grandma at Christmas time, a new bed and “bed in a bag” set from us and he was basically all set.

For supper he served us a stir-fry….with vegetables and everything. He is actually a good cook since the Food Network is his favourite station when there aren’t sports on the TV.

Speaking of TV that was the one thing Greg had to buy new. He already had a 27 inch TV, but that wasn’t enough. Not just any TV would do…… it had to be plasma, LCD mega hertz, high definition whatever….I don’t know all of these new fangled criteria. All I know is it takes up an entire wall of his apartment (55 inches) and the picture is unbelievable! As his mother I lectured him about the waste of money because I thought that was what I was supposed to do.

Did I mention how fabulous the picture looked? I think I am going to move into Greg’s place for the two weeks while the Olympics are on TV.

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