Friday, February 12, 2010

The Olympics

Here it is, February 12th. We have been waiting for this date for so long. The beginning of the Olympics……back again in CANADA!!! As I type this there is less than an hour before the opening ceremonies begin.

Terry and I went to see the Olympic torch as it came through St. Catharines just before Christmas. It was a great community event. It was a cold, sunny Sunday down in Market Square. There was lots of music and fun and excitement about the arrival of the torch.

We held our own torch relay today at school. One of our grade eight graduates from last year was lucky enough to have been selected as a torch runner and he brought his torch for us all to see. He did a great job letting all of our kids realize how thrilling the moment was. His torch carried a flame that originally came from Greece and now, tonight in less than two hours it is going to light the cauldron at BC Place in Vancouver.

There is so much speculation about tonight’s cauldron lighting. Who is it going to be? Many people are saying Wayne Gretzky. Some people are suggesting Nancy Green, former gold medal winner for skiing and a BC native. There is also lots of talk that Terry Fox in the form of a hologram will some how light the cauldron.

My former rowing coach, “Swede,” is a former Olympian (men’s heavy 8 rowing, Montreal ’76.) Swede was able to take part in the rehearsal of the opening ceremonies yesterday. He had to sign a confidentiality agreement to keep the opening ceremony secret but he did post on his facebook page there will be lots of surprises and we will be proud to be Canadians!!

Right now I am driving Terry crazy once more with the TV remote. I keep flipping between the Canadian and the American channels broadcasting the “pre-show”. It is interesting to see the differences between how the two countries cover the event.

I have found a video blog of a guy who is working for NBC as part of the Olympics. In his blog he records his thoughts about Canada. It is hilarious. Check it out. Make sure you start with Day 1 and work your way through. Does he really think you need to become a mountain man to live in Canada?

Gotta go……have to get my beer and chips ready to take part in the Olympics!!

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