Saturday, February 20, 2010

King Tut

Several weeks ago Jennifer called me to make arrangements to pick her up in Toronto for a visit home during Reading Week. She also mentioned she had an assignment to finish for one of her Art History courses which meant a visit to an art gallery of some repute. Apparently in previous years the professor took the class to the art gallery in Ottawa but budget cutbacks meant the students were on their own to visit a suitable art gallery. Jen and I decided the AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario) qualified for her assignment and we made a date to attend today. I even put the event in my calendar in pen which meant there was no way we could change our plans…… even if Jennifer did get invited to Melissa’s birthday party in Kingston.

Jen took the bus from Kingston to Toronto; I drove from St. Catharines to Toronto. We met at exactly the same time. The wonders of texting each other along the way made it so easy to meet up without any stress. We then walked a few blocks to a great Thai restaurant and then headed to the AGO.

Jen’s assignment had to do with comparing three pieces of modern art. As we headed to the contemporary art section and looked around with lost faces, a docent approached Jen and asked if she needed help. She looked at her assignment sheet and said she had already helped three people today with the same assignment. Who knew so many students from Queens were actually going to go to Toronto to finish this assignment instead of a gallery in Mexico or some other country with warm weather? The docent told us exactly where to go (4th floor) and to come back if we needed any help. I wanted to ask her to just write the assignment for Jen but Jen said I was embarrassing her (once again)

Jen found the appropriate art work and took notes while I found the washroom and took pictures of the CN tower and other scenery through the window of the stairwell. (Photos in the art gallery were not allowed, but check my facebook page for the pics)

Jen said she had all of the info required so we got in the line for the King Tut exhibit. We waited and waited and after about 40 minutes finally got admitted to the exhibit…. which allowed no photography. It was a great exhibit in spite of the fact it was so crowded including crying babies.

I was very impressed with the exhibit but the most philosophic part was the reason why King Tut had become so famous. Because he died so young and so unexpectantly, tomb robbers did not know where his tomb was and therefore his tomb was left in tact until discovered by Howard Carter in 1922. Jen and I were also impressed it was Lord Carnarvon supporting Carter in his dig. (Carnarvon is a little town just south of where I cottage is located, named after Lord Carnarvon.) No matter where I go, there is always some connection to our cottage…………..

A pharaoh that was really insignificant during his time became the best known pharaoh 3000 years later. Hmmmmmmm…maybe there is hope for me to be important, if I am willing to wait 3000 years.

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