Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cultural Differences

In preparation for the Olympics the Associated Press put together a list of words/phrases unique to Canada. Other than “eh” at the end of our sentences I never really thought much about the linguistic differences between Canada and our neighbours to the south. (Although I do insist upon Canadian spelling… is neighbour with a u not neighbor) If you are interested in the list, here is the link…

The article got me thinking about (not aboot) other differences between our two countries. The first thing I thought of was vinegar on our French fries. I learned early on in my travels to never, ever order your French fries with vinegar in the States. They put on this gawd awful cider vinegar stuff. Everyone knows French fries (not liberty fries) are best doused in white vinegar. You have to be careful ordering iced tea as well…..not that I drink the stuff. I remember traveling companions ordering Ice Tea in the States and getting a tea bag in hot water with ice cubes in it. Now what is that all about?After we eat our meal we wipe our mouths with a serviette.

Don’t get me started on American beer……I am sure everyone has heard the joke about how American beer is like making love in a canoe…….they’re both like f#@$%ing near water!!! (I know, I should be old enough to actually type that word…but what if my mother reads this one day?) After enough beer Canadians go to the washroom or sometimes the bathroom…but we don’t take a bath in there.

The Associated Press list mentioned we call electricity hydro. Doesn’t everyone call it hydro? Hmmmm. I am sitting in the dark as I type this because of my hydro bill but I will rant about hydro another day.

There are so many other cultural differences but I can’t seem to think of any more right now….I would love if there are any readers out there willing to add some of their own.

By the way......if City Wendy is reading this let me know if you have any questions about surviving your trip to Canada. I can't wait to hear all about your Olympic experiences....I am sooooo jealous you get to go, even if Drew is working crazy hours. At least you are both there AT THE OLYMPICS!!

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Retired-Ed said...

I'm all for Moosehead beer and/or Molson Golden. As for "hydro", I've never heard of that word being used in that way. Here in Europe, we are familiar with "serviette", but back home in the States, I doubt if many people use that word in that manner. Eh!