Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Holiday is Over

Today I gathered up of the decorations and put them in a box ready for storage for another year. All of the Christmas tree ornaments are put away and the lights and garland are carefully stored so they won’t be a massive tangle next year. Although we all know no matter how I tried, somehow light bulbs will be missing and there will be snarls requiring the patience of Job to untangle.

The only thing left to do is to get rid of the tree.

Previously in order to get rid of our tree all that was required was to put it at the curb and wait for the garbage men (now called waste management workers). Things are different now we are living in a condo. I googled “Christmas tree pick-up” and found out the waste management team will be picking up trees on January 9th ……only for single family residences! That means we have no way of getting rid of the tree except to load it into the car somehow and take it to the dump (landfill site). At the rate our tree is now dropping needles I really don’t think that is a viable option unless I want to be vacuuming everywhere for the next six months.

I came up with a plan!

When it gets dark, we will just toss our tree over the balcony and then sneak down to the courtyard and hide it in the bushes until January 9th. Then on the appointed day when no one is watching we drag it to the house across the street! Perfect!

No. Terry would not go along with the plan because he thought we would be bothering the neighbours. I think he is just afraid of getting caught….although what’s the worst that could happen? Terry decided his own idea was much better and there was no changing his mind.

Terry took out a pair of side cutters and spent an hour cutting up our tree and putting into several garbage bags. Then he took the bags down to our garbage room and put them in the dumpster ready to be picked up Monday morning.

Somehow as I watched him cut our tree into a million pieces and meticulously putting every twig and needle into black garbage bags, I had flashbacks of the many episodes of Dexter I watched over the holidays.

Do I need to worry?


Kaitlin <3 said...

mom that was the funniest thing i have ever heard in my life.....kevin said it sounded like you were trying to get rid of a body!! lol but im glad you figured it all out! :)

Jenn Jilks said...

Oh, no! Not even recycled it?! That's too bad they won't pick yours up. Such a waste. We've spent so many years decorating the cat tower, plants, or branches, and we thought about a tree this year, having had visitors for the first time since we moved here...but we didn't.

Jill (FSIL) said...

Susan...I can only imagine Terry taking that much time to rid yourselves of the tree I had to laugh - especially at the picture, alas, it should have been composted at least - if your building does not have a compost bin - perhaps you should take up that crusade hmmm???