Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Today is the first day of the rest of my life……yadda yadda……

Can I start out with any more clichés? How about my New Year’s resolutions? Lose weight, exercise more, get healthy, budget better, peace on earth ……

This year I am not going to disappoint myself by listing a whole bunch of resolutions we all know by January 15th will be ditched. Instead this year is going to be my anti-resolution year. I am guaranteed not to fail.

Today is the day Greg gets his new place and we are officially empty nesters again. However, Jennifer is graduating from Queen’s this spring and is contemplating moving in with us in May until her future is more defined. I vowed I wouldn’t be those empty-nesters with kids who keep rebounding back in. However, I must admit Greg’s short stay here was rather painless. I am sure Jennifer’s will be the same…..if not ,we will make it painful for her so she wants to move back out. I feel like a terrible parent because I am not more invitational to my children. I believe my job as a parent is to create independent people. Why is it so many twenty-something kids out there have parents who don’t agree with me? No matter how strongly I believe in something, eventually I start to second guess myself when I am the only one who believes it.

As I natter on I realize I really do have a New Year’s Resolution, to become an empty nester on a permanent basis.

Wish me luck!

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