Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Will the Real American Please Stand Up?

As Canadians we are inundated with American media all of the time. The images on television make the American lifestyle seem glamorous and carefree. But does reality match what we see on TV?

My new blog friend Ed put me on to a very interesting website, www.peopleofwalmart.com I shared it with Terry. He was on the site for hours. He couldn’t take his eyes off of it in amazement. You really have to check it out yourself as no words can adequately describe.

On Thursday I am heading south of the border (I mean the United States not Mexico). We are staying at the Seneca Alleghany Casino. I thought I would research and check out the place a little before I went. I am so glad I did. It is License to Thrill week! If I bring my hunting or fishing license with me I will have a chance to win 100 Seneca Slot Dollars! I wonder if my driver’s license will do?

Such a dichotomy is the United States of America.

My favourite youngest daughter just returned from New York City where she visited the MoMA and the Guggenheim. She window shopped along Fifth Avenue and actually shopped Canal Street. She went to a Broadway show and almost made it to David Letterman (stand by ticket #7 but only six available seats)

So, which is the real America? The one we see on Entertainment Tonight? Or is Wal-Mart where real Americans are hiding? And if so, how do the America media hide such a dirty secret? I can see how MSNBC might not air such a thing but I was sure it would be something Geraldo on Fox News would surely leak out.



Michele Renee said...

I just saw the website myself last week after seeing a blog mention it. I saw with my 11 yr old son (I zipped thru any with rated R comments)and we laughed and laughed. And you know how they show cars too? Well one that was in Georgia came on the screen and it was a log cabin looking vehicle, and my son had seen it in a parking lot the other week when we went to get his hair cut. It was not a Walmart parking lot. I have never seen people who looked like that in any I have been to but I have been into one in Tennessee and it could have happened. By the way we couldn't tear ourselves away from that website for at least 60 minutes.

Retired-Ed said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the website. I laughed so hard I almost cried. And it's true. That's the sad part. I have actually seen sights like this when visiting a Wal-Mart. However, to answer your question "Entertainment Tonight or Wal-Mart?", the answer is "None of the Above." America is so big (but not as big in geography as Canada), that there are many different examples of the "real" America. I would say to visit a small town to get some of the flavor. Don't forget Florida with its beaches and retirees. New York City gives a whole different example of the "melting pot". If you just want the pot, try San Francisco. We have a house (not yet OUR home....it's rented) in the Ozarks. That's another example of the "real" America.

Terry Tromanhauser said...

Yes Sue, it was interesting enough....but I could only take it for about 20 minutes, then I had to turn it off. It was a train wreck, and I couldn't believe what people would wear in public.