Saturday, November 7, 2009

Real Americans

Today I returned from a two day trip to the United States. My girlfriend and I went to the Seneca Allegany Casino resort where we spent a bit of time in the casino and enjoyed a great “Tragically Hip” concert. Of course I also met quite a few Americans.

Everybody makes fun of me because I will talk to anyone and I ask too many questions. I think I am just constantly quenching my thirst for knowledge……and OK, I admit I am really nosy!

One gentleman I met while outside during a break in the concert happened to be a manager of a Wal-Mart outside of Buffalo. (Near the Military Road Outlet Mall) I mentioned to him the peopleofwalmart website I wrote about in a recent post. He said he had seen the site and confirmed there really are people like that in all of the Wal-Marts across the country. He said there are 20 million transactions a day in Wal-Marts in America and a small percentage of each transaction are going to be by people who have questionable taste.

In the quest for more answers I asked a couple I met from Pittsburgh if they had seen the peopleofwalmart site. It must be a very popular site because indeed they knew all about it. They confirmed there really were Americans like that ……but they were all in places like Florida!

So while we may not always agree on American politics or policies, I can say the majority of Americans I met on this last little jaunt were friendly and pleasant. I met a wide array of Americans I am sure you will find in any culture. Although the girl who kept doing belly shots at the bar is a one in a million. By the way……we didn’t win anything at the casino …..except great memories.

Now my question is, why are so many people convinced they are going to win at the casino when the odds are so stacked against them?


Ed said...

OMG! Look what I started!

Regarding going to the casino, did you and your friend go there expecting to lose? If so, why go? People go because there is always that one chance....

I usually go once during the summer when I am in the States. Haven't walked away a winner yet, but I still go back.

Speaking of finding the real America, you should try Texas. (Warning: joke coming). Yeah, go to Texas; they've got the largest zoo in the world. Yep, they put a fence around Oklahoma.

And if you're a Sooner (that's someone from Oklahoma, Sue), you can turn the joke around, but it will take a much bigger fence.

Shana said...

Thanks for the comment.

Yeah, and single parenting is easier when I don't have to argue/fight/discuss ANYTHING with another person. So many of my friends are in a constant battle with their exes.

I lived in the States for a few years and sometimes I think those Americans are so different.

THe WalMart site is funny. Someone sent me some some of those pictures a while back and they are a hoot.

By the way, Port Dalhousie is the best place. I was there yesterday, walking on the pier with My Guy, as he lives there. Maybe I have seen you around!

I think I am computer addicted as times as well. I don't even drink coffee but the second I wake up, I wonder who might have sent me an email (Usually no one!)

I read your Women's Lib post. So how did you raise your children differently. I have only one daughter and I have always made it clear to her that she can be anything that she wants to be. So whether she wants to a Navy Commander or a Teacher or an Artist or a Mom with 10 kids, she can. I think Women's Lib was more about the ability to choose, no matter the choice. (It is never too late to be an airline pilot)

Your music list is rather eclectic. That is cool.

Cool about the 'Complaint Free' thing. That is so true. I can't stand to be around complainers.

Okay, that is enough for now. If I read and comment anymore, you will think I am a stalker.