Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sex And The Cottage

It is a beautiful day at the cottage. The weather predicted all week has finally emerged. Sun is shining, water glistening and we are even wearing shorts and a T-shirt with no fleece anywhere to be found! Finally summer at the cottage…………..although it is Labour Day week-end not Victoria Day week-end.

My son Greg and hubby Terry are outside doing manly things. They have chopped and stacked wood. They have moved all of the tools around in the tool shed (or the studio I call it when I want to annoy Terry). They have used the pellet gun to shoot at pop bottles hanging from the trees. All of this is done while they “stoke” the fire in the fire pit. Now they have headed out on the boat to go fishing.

I am working on my laptop in between reading the paper, doing the crosswords and watching the family of ducks swim across the lake.

There are definite differences in how the sexes spend time at the cottage. (sorry if my title mislead some of you in reading this blog entry)

Are there any other differences in the sexes at the cottage? Is this a Canadian thing Ed?


Jenn Jilks said...

That is a hoot, because my hubby put out two discs lifting my ill father.

To that end, I do all th heavy stuff. The tools are all mine.
I was given a cordless drill for Mother's Day.
I spent the past 10 days sanding, painting and caulking windows.

I am the one cutting branches, resettling the gravel driveway.
He does all the errands, groceries, menu planning and a little cooking.
Definite role reversal in my house!!!!

retired-ed said...

You Canucks definitely know how to live. But no, it's not just a Canadian thing. There are lots of Yanks who like to shoot at things too. Fishing on a September afternoon sounds awfully nice. I also like to work crossword puzzles. I like to think it keeps my brain a little less dull.