Thursday, August 13, 2009


I have just a few hours to be alone at the cottage. My parents and niece and nephew just left. This morning my son Greg called to say he wanted to come up for the week-end. With his job the week-end means Friday and Saturday so he will be on his way up tonight.

The bear did not make a return appearance last night but I cannot say the same for the chipmunk...I think. I have cleaned my cupboards twice this week because of little black spots left behind by whatever animal is enjoying my baked goods in the cupboard. I had enough of my food being nibbled at so I did a quick trip into the Huntsville Canadian Tire and invested in plastic bins with lids. So after a third cupboard cleaning I put everything inside my new purchases and hope whoever this nibbly guest is doesn't know how to open the plastic snaps.

In spite of my wildlife problems, the weather is finally fabulous at the cottage. We seldom get this perfect weather so we can truly appreciate it. In Huntsville today it was actually too warm. With the lake breezes, the shade of the cedars and the bright sunshine, it is absolute paradise here.

While I am enjoying my few hours of peaceful quiet, I am looking forward to company once again. It is so perfect here it would be very selfish not to long as the company knows how to do their own dishes!!

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