Saturday, October 1, 2011

Successful Brown Bag Challenge

They say it takes 21 days to break or develop a habit. I believe I have finally made a habit of making a good healthy lunch. The challenge is officially over and I did it!!!!

Through the Brown Bag Challenge I got in the habit of making sure I made healthy suppers and ensuring there were enough left overs for healthy lunches the following day. My routine became making a supper of a third protein, a third vegetables and a third carbohydrates. (I really make an effort to have brown rice, or organic products or often substitute a salad) Many people may argue this is not a perfect meal but in comparison to the thrown together meals of the past it a huge step forward.

I knew I really had made the transition to a healthy habit this past Thursday evening. I had worked all day and then I immediately headed to my latest new job at the hockey rink (I am such a Canadian stereotype). Hubby Terry and I arrived home at about 10:30 p.m. I asked Terry if he was hungry and if he wanted supper. I was really hoping he would say no thanks but of course he said “YES!”

In the past I would have told Terry to go ahead and make his own supper from his limited menu of grilled cheese, frozen pizza or eggs on toast. Realizing this was not going to make a healthy lunch for the next day I headed to the balcony to turn on the barbeque. I made grilled pork chops and from the fridge threw together a salad and mixed veggies. Because of my newly adopted system of pre-cutting, pre-packaging all sorts of ingredients it was a breeze to put it all together. I have learned to create my own version of healthy “fast food.”

Hopefully I will continue the habit of healthy suppers and of course the subsequent healthier brown bag lunches. During the past month I received lots of positive feedback on my blog. While no longer committed to posting my Brown Bag story perhaps I will make occasional updates to let everyone know of my progress. If anyone out there in blog land wants to be my cyber conscious, please let me know!!

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