Thursday, August 11, 2011

Celebrity Sightings

The last few months have been a period of celebrity sightings for me.

At the Cottage Life Show in March I met Ed Begley Jr from St. Elsewhere fame. He looks exactly the same as he did in the 1980's. When I pointed that fact out to him, he told me he loved me! We had a great discussion about the longevity of St. Elsewhere and what a unique show it truly was. Ed also talked about his personal experiences in making the earth a greener place. He is very passionate about environmental issues.

A few minutes later I ran into Bob Mackenzie from TSN fame. (That's the Canadian version of ESPN for those American readers) We talked briefly about the great play-off run the Leafs were having. The talk was brief because his wife seemed annoyed at me intruding although Bob seemed to enjoy the attention.

A few weeks later I attended the Juno Awards (think Canadian Grammys). On our way to the ACC we ran into Dallas Green of City and Colour as well as Alexisonfire fame. I was Dallas' grade seven teacher as well as vice-principal when he was in grade eight. He actually spotted me before I saw him and he tried to explain to me what he was doing at the Junos as if I didn't know! We had a good talk about the importance of teachers encouraging students to follow their dream but Dallas was quick to long as they finish school first. I wrote about Dallas previously in my blog.

In May I went to a conference in Toronto and I got to meet Joy Behar from The View. She spoke about her journey from a wife, mother, teacher to a comic and then being on The View and now her own show on CNN. Basically her message was she was too naive to realize getting into comedy was hard and she just did it.

Last week I was at a Northern Pikes concert and ran into Eddie Richards, the contractor from the Love It or List It television show. He is married to Martine Gaillard, a sportscaster with Sportsnet, so I met her as well by default. Eddie was so excited he was getting attention from a fan instead of his wife getting all of the attention he sent me over a drink!

The one thing I learned from all of these celebrity sighting is I am very happy I am not a celebrity. Having someone like me constantly coming up and interrupting my life would be very annoying!

Any readers out there have any celebrity sighting stories????


Jeannie said...

No, I have not been so lucky. But, because of your new blog, when I see YOU next time YOU will be my first celebrity-sighting! Could this be a new compound word? Which looks best, celebrity-sighting or celebrity sighting? You are such a funny lady. What a great idea, Sue! I enjoyed reading your blog and I’ll be back. Jeannie :)

Patricia N said...

I consider seeing your youngest daughter something of a celebrity sighting... it is extremely rare, and always very exciting when it does happen!

Terry Tromanhauser said...

Sue....did you forget who took the picture??? My recollection of the story was that you asked the guy Dallas was with to take your pic, and he obliged. Shortly thereafter at the show, it turned out it was Daniel Romano, one of the musicians that was performing with Dallas that evening.

Jessica said...

I wish I had a cool celebrity sighting where I just ran into someone and chatted. I've seen a few celebrities, like the cast of Degrassi at a mall tour and Julia Roberts, Bradley Cooper and a few others coming out of their broadway show, and Chris Bosh at a Toronto FC game but never got to talk to any of them!

Karen K. said...

One time in a bar in Toronto I saw Andre the Giant. As I had had a couple glasses of wine already I went over to tell him how much I enjoyed "The Princess Bride". He was extremely rude and I slunk back to my seat. where you with me?

Karen K. said...

Oops - were you with me? If I'm going to comment I should look it over more carefully before I hit 'publish'.

SUSAN said...

Hey Karen: I wasn't with you when you met Andre the Giant, but I remember you telling me you met John Dore at the Winnipeg airport!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting me down easy, Martine Gaillard is married ?? That just sucks !!